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Before I get into the substance of today's post I wanted to apologize. A snafu on the website prevented a number of customers from ordering Stellar beta units. The problem's been fixed. There are still units left. If you want to participate in the Stellar Beta test, click on this link. My apologies for the website error. Use the drop down menu next to the pricing to select which Stellar products - stereo or mono amp, Gain Cell DAC, or combination you want to play with. The trade in box works now as well. Good luck! We are rarely wrong when it comes to what we hear, but often incorrect as to why. I'll offer you an example of a multi-driver loudspeaker vs. a single all-range. If you were to listen to a poorly executed two-way speaker design, most would instantly hear the crossover point between tweeter and woofer. That's the easy part. The problem comes into play if you make the erroneous conclusion that multi-driver loudspeakers are flawed by design. They are not. A properly designed multi-driver system is seamless. We're rarely wrong in what we hear. We're sometimes wrong when we assign blame as to why. Understanding the difference is critical to your success in building a system.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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