Sonic Signatures

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Sonic Signatures

If the goal of a high-end audio system is to have no sonic signature—to be as neutral as possible—then why do we insist on tailoring our systems to our likes and dislikes?

Perhaps the answer lies in a simple truth. There is no such thing possible as a neutral sound when we use non-perfect equipment to reproduce it.

The fact our crude measurement science records significant amplitude, frequency, phase, and timing responses in speakers is enough to put that argument to bed. We’ll ignore our own hearing abilities until such time we can create perfect transducers.

The idea of accepting the inevitability of sonic signatures seems abhorrent to some, a fait accompli to others.

Me? I am in the camp that has accepted the sonic signature that I assume will be with us for the rest of my days.

And once you accept its inevitability you can progress forward.

Always striving for sonic neutrality is a flawed mission. Better to accept the signatures that get you closer to musical truth.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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