If a cable sings in the woods…

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If a cable sings in the woods…
I had to smile while reading this comment to a recent video: "I agree with most you say....except about the wires and power cables....but I still subscribe and like! so there!" Yes indeed. So there. This issue of wires and cables making a difference for some and not for others is one of continual fascination for me. It begs a twist on the age-old question about trees falling in woods without anyone hearing them. "If I hear cable differences in my system and you are not around to listen, can you make a sweeping edict those differences do not exist?" Upon questioning cable deniers—their angry eyes ablaze and pitchforks raised high—most admit they've never actually tried comparing cables on a resolving system. To them, it just cannot work. There's no need to actually see for themselves because that would be the height of foolishness—like testing the efficacy of gravity whilst standing atop a ladder. And so the fallback position is to demand proof before they will consider it. I am guessing an overwhelming fear of being called out as a fool is the key motivator of cable deniers—understandable as no one wants to wind up in a vulnerable place. And still, what is true continues to be true despite our beliefs and disbeliefs: trees fall in the woods, rivers run while we sleep, cables matter on resolving systems.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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