Skills and new vistas

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Skills and new vistas

Between daily blog posts, dozens of emails, forum posts, book writing, and what not, I probably lay down between 10k and 15k words a week.

Call it half a million words a year, all with two fingers because I never learned how to type.

At 75 years of age is it time to teach myself how to type with 10 fingers?

My output level doesn't seem in need of improved skills ....... 

On the other hand, learning new skills like: becoming more proficient at running a circuit simulator, how to better interface with an AI bot, new loudspeaker setup techniques, or gaining insights into accounting and business management feel valuable to me because they open new vistas in areas of lower output.

How might this apply to you?

Have you mastered the art of assembling and polishing the perfect high-end audio system?

If you're not an expert at loudspeaker/room setup, expending the energy to learn that new skill will open new vistas of opportunity beyond the skill itself. An experienced setup person more easily understands when it's best to tweak the setup or the equipment.

Better than a shot in the dark.

Or, delving into the details of digital audio technology when you're an analog diehard just might generate an aha! moment in your quest for musical ecstasy.

The wider your vistas the better your success at getting what you want.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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