A Massive upgrade

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A Massive upgrade
" Kudos to miracle worker Ted, Paul, Aaron, and the rest of the team. Didn’t think there could be that much of a sound upgrade from the Massive beta version, but there really is. Even better soundstage, depth, and attack. Two of my go to albums for listening to any new changes in my system are SACDs of Dire Straits/Brothers in Arms (Vertigo 20th Anniversary edition) and Michael Hedges/Aerial Boundaries. Both sound even more spectacular than before."

Just reading this wonderful comment on the forums really brought a smile to my face. Rarely do we have such universal praise for a new product or upgrade, but Mount Massive is different.

After hundreds of hours of work by our resident digital genius, Ted Smith, the final version of DirectStream MKII firmware, Mount Massive, has been released.

Never has our reference system in Music Room Three sounded anywhere near this sonic miracle. This new DAC has elevated DirectStream MKII to levels I had only dared dream of.

For those lucky owners of the MKII, go here and download your free upgrade.

For those of you wishing for the biggest shot-in-the arm upgrade to your system you have ever experienced, head here and take one home for an audition.

The world has just changed and for the better.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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