The last day of the IRSV

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The last day of the IRSV
As mentioned in my post on the FR30 vs. the IRSV, it is terribly difficult to separate the differences in what we hear when the rooms are so very different. As promised, I rolled up our sleeves, got three of the strongest guys in our shipping department, disconnected everything in MR2 and we proceeded to move the Infinity IRSV into the largest of our three listening rooms, MR3. I had promised I would video the entire procedure and thus, consider this post the intro to that three-part series. Here's the first of the three videos. Click on this link and watch the short little ode to the IRSV I recorded minutes before we started the teardown. Tomorrow I will share with you the actual teardown of the IRSV and how it felt to me. I imagine to some this is all kind of weird and overly emotional. I mean, they are a pair of big speakers, right? And why is this adult man getting a bit weepy and emotional over moving them? I know some of you will immediately understand my angst while others will just shake their heads. It's a little like your kid leaving home to head out into the world.
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Paul McGowan

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