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Apple carts
I am not certain where the term upsetting the apple cart came from but I can only imagine the hassle of cleaning up an overturned cart full of apples. Now that the FR30 has been dialed in to Music Room 3 something I never thought would happen has happened. To my ears and everyone that has a chance to hear it, it clearly outperforms the IRSV. And not by just a little. In terms of musical pleasure, in terms of effortlessness…heck, just plain pleasure…the FR30 wins. Now, is that partly because it's in the larger of the two rooms? Is it because of setup? We've used close to the same AQ cables and the same electronics. So, clearly, the differences come down to the speaker itself (which thrills me to no end) and the room. The IRSV has been our gold reference standard for years. I am not yet ready to abandon it. Then, my son Scott had an idea. Why not swap rooms? Move the Infinity IRSV from Music Room Two to Music Room Three. What a great (and terrifying) idea. The larger dimensions of MR3 better fit the big IRSV while the smaller dimensions of MR2 more perfectly fit the new FR30. Maybe. Fact is, the FR30 are killing it in MR3. It's risky to "break" what works in favor of potentially something better. Oh well, here we go. I am truly excited to swap speakers and systems in these two classic rooms. I will be reporting on the results in an upcoming post and video series. Stay tuned.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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