Secret wishes

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Secret wishes

If we're to be honest with ourselves (itself a frightening thought), wouldn't each of us secretly hope to find that miracle product? The one that magically transforms our audio system into the next major step forward?

I certainly am always on the hunt for such a product or technology. The last one I was party to was our new AirGap interface. When our digital guru, Ted Smith, got us inspired to take the next leap in technology—isolating and quieting our digital products—the results were like a miracle.

I see folks going for the latest cable, external power supply, ground plane enhancer, or radical new technology DAC.

All in the hopes of taking the next leap in performance.

It's a good thing and a noble goal.

I think it's ok to go public with our secret desires. After all, we're family!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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