Fear of the new

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Fear of the new
People that embrace change are often called Early Adopters. They are a rare breed. Early adopters are the ones not only willing to take a chance on new products and technology but actually eager to do so. They are definitely in the minority. Most of us, the ones in the middle of the pack, are most comfortable waiting to see how everything shakes out. We're concerned about heading down dead-end streets. Truth is, we're afraid. As my good friend and fellow audiophile, Seth Godin, notes:
"While some people reject a new idea simply because it doesn’t work for them, often the people who are saying no are afraid. They’re afraid of what change may bring, and they’re not sure they trust the innovation and the system enough to go forward. But we’ve been conditioned to avoid saying, “I’m afraid,” so if we’re uninformed and afraid, we make up objections instead. And even add angry bravado to our objections, simply as a way of hiding what’s really going on."
Knowing that it is fear that holds us back from embracing the new won't change our behavior but it certainly can offer insight and, most importantly, gives us permission to be who we are—comfortable in our own skin. Fear of the new is completely natural. Some of us just have to wait and that's just fine.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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