Are libraries obsolete?

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Are libraries obsolete?

For years I have been hearing about how our musical libraries are vanishing, yet to this day I have never met a fellow audiophile without one.

Perhaps it's my limited exposure to other audiophiles but I rather think not.

Instead, I'll bet the bulk of you still have collections of physical media. I certainly do. Rows of albums and piles of CDs and SACDs.

What I think has changed is not the presence of physical libraries, but rather a decline in their use. Unless I am working on a specific project where I need an absolute known reference, I am more likely than not playing it from Qobuz.

So, I don't think libraries are obsolete. Not for a long time.

I do believe their use is declining.

I for one would feel rather naked without my surrounding collections of physical media.

How about you?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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