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Ain’t it the truth? Everything we do has its consequences or, as the headline of today’s post suggests, ramifications.

When we transfer digital audio out of a computer there are ramifications: noise from the computer is transferred to the DAC’s clean power supply grounds with noisy ones. And so we insert devices to fix those problems and they too have their ramifications.

Or transferring analog masters to the vinyl cutter. There are no great choices for doing this without ramifications.

Or mixing DSD. One must choose from any number of less than perfect means for making the best of it.

Or investing more than the price of your loudspeakers to purchase a cable to connect them to your amp. Ramifications.

In the end, we make the very best choices we can under the circumstances. And that’s the key.

It all matters, but sometimes a little dash of common sense helps us choose the right path.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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