Performance leaps

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Performance leaps

At the heart and center of all our HiFi systems is the preamplifier.

At least for some of us.

The preamp is where all our sources connect, where every signal in the chain passes through, and where the proper isolation, impedance, and driving energy required by your power amplifier is fulfilled.

And no piece of source equipment with its own volume control can come close to making the same musical magic as can a well designed preamplifier such as our new StellarGold Preamplifier or the venerable BHK Signature. 

Each of these products make a significant improvement to a high-performance 2-channel audio system.

Need a leap in performance?

Make sure that at the heart of your system lives and breathes the right preamplifier.

It can be a huge leap.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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