Peeling the onion

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Peeling the onion
In the process of answering the many comments I receive (which are much appreciated) one was made that really struck home. Here is the comment from frequent contributor Mark Fisher that was made after I wrote “it's amazing what it has done for the system.” "This seems to happen every time there's a change. When the IRS replaced the Maggies, When the cables were replaced. When you installed your new amplifier, and now again with this preamp. And there might be a few other times I forgot about. If this keeps up soon there will be nothing left to do except sit back and enjoy it. Happy listening:-)" How many times have I written that "the system is completely transformed"? "I have just heard something that blew me away". How many times can one actually make changes so big that you get all fired up and wax enthusiastically about them? I think the answer is simple because the quest for better performance in our audio and music systems is an ongoing one that is similar to peeling an onion. An onion has many, many layers and every time you peel back one of those layers you see a fresh new onion unlike the onion you just looked at. I don't get excited about onions, but I do continue to get excited and amazed with layer I peel back in the system. This Saturday the Colorado Audio Society is coming to visit us and hear the new system. I have been working non-stop to get Music Room One sounding as best I can so their trip will be a good and memorable one. Will it be the best they've ever heard? Unlikely. I do my best at setup but the truth is I am not the best setup person around. There are many much better than I. I am also not the greatest golden eared person. There are many much better than I and most likely some in the group would qualify. But that's ok, I am delighted folks want to come and hear the system. It's fun to share - and how often does one get to hear a classic loudspeaker like the Infinity IRS V? There were, after all, only 58 pair ever built. So after we play around with the system and enjoy each others company on Saturday afternoon, I'll have tons of new opinions and suggestions to work with after they leave. That feedback will allow me to peel yet another layer of the onion and get even closer to musical enjoyment than I have now. I'll probably be excited all over again. Ain't it fun?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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