The Audio Hitman

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The Audio Hitman
In the early days of the magazine TAS (The Absolute Sound) there were, as there are today, many great writers. One of the most outspoken and, coincidently, one of my favorites was AGB. Go back and look through your copies of the 80's and 90's editions and you'll see many a great article by AGB. I believe he was the first writer in TAS to proclaim "Digital Sucks" and this at a time when digital indeed sucked. AGB is Andy Benjamin, a musician, a friend and now an occasional writing contributor we've nicknamed The Audio Hitman. I have been egging Andy to get back into writing about audio and adding his strong opinions, distaste for BS and original thinking on the subject to enhance our community of like minded people. AGB's first article, which is somewhat of an introduction, can be read here. AGB doesn't have weak opinions and he calls 'em like he sees 'em and can offend many, but is always an eye opener. I love his writing and am happy to support it. Welcome.
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Paul McGowan

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