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Over the top
When it comes to having company over for dinner my family's general rule of thumb has always been better too much than too little. Too much at the dinner table just sets the stage for lunch leftovers. No big deal. But when it comes to your HiFi system, too much can be...dare I say.....too much. As audiophiles, we can fall into the trap of pushing the improvement envelope too hard: adding DSP or an equalizer when all we really needed was some time and elbow grease. An add on super tweeter or perhaps one of many aftermarket tweaks guaranteed to make everything that much better. It's always tempting to turn what's great into something even better. In my experience, those add ons are short-lived. If you're looking for better, always start with the basics: speakers, power amplifiers, preamps, and sources. A lunch of leftovers is easy. Unloading to the used market unnecessary add ons gets painful.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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