One extra day

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One extra day

Every four years, the calendar gifts us with an extra day—February 29th. It's a quirk of our timekeeping, a leap into a day that's both a rarity and an opportunity. How does one make the most of this additional 24 hours?

Historically, leap years have been regarded as times of renewal and change. In that spirit, why not consider a refresh of your stereo setup—something more than just a spring cleaning? Or, why not create a leap-year playlist? Songs about time, change, and the surreal—tracks that capture the essence of an extra day's gift. Sharing this playlist with with others on our forums or the comment sections of these posts (instead of political bickering and personal snipes?) might be fun too.

In the end, February 29th is more than just an extra day on the calendar. Hopefully, it's an invitation to pause, reflect, and engage more deeply with our passion. Whether through listening, tweaking, learning, or simply having fun, it's a day to celebrate the unmeasurable joy that music brings into our lives.

So, how will you spend your extra day?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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