Old practices

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Old practices

Does anyone bi-amp anymore?

For the longest time, many of us were obsessed with the synergistic benefits of assigning different quality power amplifiers to the tweeter and the woofer. It made sense back then. The underpowered sweet amplifier on the tweeters, the bright and hard (but wickedly good bottom end) beast on the woofer.

Best of both worlds when neither worked solo.

Today, we've really gotten away from both the need for bi-amping and the hassle.

How? Making much better full range amplifiers.

As fond as our memories of an old Crown DC300A or a Phase Linear 400 might be, a reality check on a modern pair of loudspeakers would likely have you reaching to turn down the volume control.

Yes, it was a revelation back then to have the horsepower to really drive those hungry speakers, but at what expense?

Bright and hard aren't on my list of accolades to flaunt.

As we progress in the art of amplifier, DAC, and preamplifier design, some of the tried and trusted tricks of the trade fall by the wayside.

And that's called progress.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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