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The Audiophile’s Guide: The Loudspeaker


Various Artists

The wait is over

The Audiophile’s Guide: The Loudspeaker is the long-awaited follow-up work to Paul’s original best seller, The Stereo. In the 113 pages of The Loudspeaker, we delve deep into speaker setup, and, using the companion SACD, we continue our journey of dialing in the magic. Take the next step in the evolution of your stereo system. No matter how good your system sounds, The Audiophile’s Guide: The Loudspeaker and its requisite hybrid SACD/CD will help unlock what you’ve been missing. Whether it’s polishing to perfection what you have or starting from scratch, these step-by-step directions and companion musical tracks are just what you need. The disc is playable on any CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or SACD player.


The Artists

From trumpeter Gabriel Mervine to pianist Tom Amend and guitarist Bill Kopper, The Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker is a stunning musical work that, purchased along with its companion book, will bring countless hours of pleasure to your listening room. Whether you are a beginning or an advanced audiophile, once you follow the setup steps in The Audiophile’s Guide, The Loudspeaker, you will be able to get closer to the sound of live music and bring out the missing magic of your system. Imagine your speakers disappearing and in their place the sound of live music. The Guide and its companion hybrid SACD (playable on any disc player) take you step-by-step through the process of dialing in your system. And how we do it in the Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker is all new. Imagine disassembling a full track of music from Gabriel Mervine's Quartet, where each player demonstrates their own sound and how it is played back on the system. The Guide helps you get each instrument right and then walks you through how it should sound once the track is assembled and the band plays fully. This is a new way to get down to details and makes it easier to focus on tonality and placement. The Guide moves on to help you get the harmonic overtones right. We've recorded a special track that focuses on these hard-to-reproduce upper harmonics. It is all here, plus the last five demo tracks on the Reference Music Disc are alone worth the price of the disc. Whether you want to challenge your system, make certain it's working properly, or spend a few hours tweaking it to perfection, The Audiophile's Reference Music Disc and its companion book, The Loudspeaker, are both must-have components. This is one direct-to-master recording you don't want to miss out on. Each music track is sonic perfection available as a direct-to-master exclusively from Octave Records.

The Music

Paul McGowan - Channel Check Left
Paul McGowan - Channel Check Right
Paul McGowan - Channel Check Center
Chris Brunhaver - Room Bass Response
Gabriel Mervine - Solo Trumpet
Patrick McDevitt - Solo Bass
Tom Amend - Solo Piano
Dru Heller - Solo Drums
Gabriel Mervine Quartet - Whisper
Jessica Carson - Wait
Clandestine Amigo - Depth Check 3' Dualities
Clandestine Amigo - Depth Check 6' Dualities
Clandestine Amigo - Depth Check 9' Dualities
Bill Kopper - The Osprey
Joseph Lamar - Evolve
Thom LaFond - Moods
Andrew Holmes - After All the Dragons Are Gone
Jessica Nilles Kressin - Etude-Tableau in E-flat Minor Op
Briana Harris Quintet - Caravan

The Recording

Recorded over three months of intense work, The Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker was the first recording project at Octave Records' new state-of-the-art studios. Recorded in pure DSD256 and mixed by Paul McGowan and Jay Elliott, the tracks on this work were laid down with every effort to maintain not only the purity of recording, but the accuracy of miking, distance, and purpose. The miking on solo voice, piano, trumpet, and guitar was primarily handled with a single-point stereo microphone to maintain a sense of realism. In particular, Octave Records' hand-modified AKG C24 was used throughout the many tracks. On other tracks, like guitarist Bill Kopper's seminal work focusing on the beauty of ringing harmonic overtones, we blended the detailed stereo condensers of the single-point Telefunken with the dynamic impacts of a single-point stereo ribbon microphone. Engineers Jay Elliott and Zach Balch went all out to get the best recordings from an amazing drum kit. The kit (the same kit used in The Audiophile's Guide: The Stereo) consists of a Ludwig 1970 Blue Sparkle 20” kick drum, 12” rack tom, 16x16” floor tom, 14 x 6.5” Ludwig Superphonic John Bonham LM 402 snare drum, Zildjian New Beats Hi-hat 70’s era 14”, Custom Dark Crash Kerope by Zildjian Crash 18”, and a Kerope by Zildjian 22” ride. To capture this kit, Jay and Zach employed their favorite setup for close miking: a Shure Beta 52 for the kick-in and a cardioid patterned, phantom powered, large-diaphragm FET Soundelux U195 by David Bock for the kick-out. The top of the snare was handled by a Hypercardioid Beyerdynamic M201 with its phase flipped while the snare’s bottom was a Telefunken M80. The rack tom was captured by a Shure SM7B Cardioid dynamic microphone and the floor tom, an Audix D4 hypercardioid dynamic microphone. To capture the ambient room response, a pair of calibrated DPA omnis were used for the overheads, and the stereo AKG C24 in a Blumlein configuration was placed twelve feet into the room for space recording. All microphone preamplifiers were Manly vacuum tubes with a small smattering on the overheads using Forsell preamps. The tracks were all mixed in Octave Records' custom mixroom on PS Audio's aspen FR30 loudspeakers powered by an all-PS Audio system.

Album Features

  • One pressing Austrian gold pressed dual-layer SACD
  • Pure DSD + PROMastered CD layers
  • Pure DSD mastered by Gus Skinas
  • Original recordings DSD256
  • Mixed by Paul McGowan and Jay Elliott
  • Produced by Jessica Carson
  • DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSDDirect Mastered 352.4kHz 24 bit, 192kHz 24 bit, 96kHz 24 bit, 44.1kHz 16 bit PCM download
  • No compression in the recording, mixing, or mastering process
  • CD layer of SACD playable on any CD player
  • Mixed on the PS Audio aspen FR30 loudspeaker and an all BHK system
  • Bundle with Paul's new book and save

About Octave Records

Bringing life to music

Octave Records™ is dedicated to offering the highest-quality life-like stereo recordings in high-resolution formats including pure DSD and high resolution PCM to 352.8kHz. Located in Boulder, Colorado, Octave has built one of the industry’s most technologically advanced DSD recording facilities based around the state-of-the-art Pyramix DSD recording, mixing, and mastering system.

At Octave, we respect musicians by paying them fairly. Octave Records covers 100% of all studio, mixing, mastering, production, distribution, and marketing expenses so that artists may have the opportunity to bring their music and magic to the world in the highest fidelity possible while retaining ownership of their music.

At Octave, it’s all about bringing life to the music.


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