Live At Nocturne

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Live At Nocturne

I hope at some point you have the time and opportunity to have a listen on a good system to our first live album ever.

Gabriel Mervine’s Live at Nocturne was an absolute hoot to record.

About 6 months ago, Terri, myself, and Jessica Carson headed over to a classy little nightclub in downtown Denver. Nocturne. I say classy because as we were setting up the recording equipment before their doors opened to the public, we were privy to hearing their manager’s speech to the staff. This included all the food designs, their special drink offerings, and how to deal with guests. It reminded me of hearing that same sort of speech at a Michelin Star restaurant.

What was equally cool about the experience is where we were seated (along with our recording gear). We nabbed a set of tables just to the right of the small stage putting us within 6 feet of the performers. What a treat to hear the live performance and then put on the headphones and instantly hear what we were capturing.

Astounding. Most of the quartet was captured on our C24 stereo microphone that was right in front of the stage.

If you know classic live recordings like Jazz at the Pawnshop, or Red Norvo, I can’t wait for you to hear Live at Nocturne. What a long way we’ve come from simple miking captured on analog tape to the same on modern DSD256 equipment.

Let me know what you think. Maybe start with track 2. The “you are there” of Gabe’s trumpet is, on the PS Audio reference system, startlingly real.

It’s my new reference recording.

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