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I had to laugh. I got a kind note from one of our customers who gently inquired about the new update to DirectStream, Torreys, asking if it's free, can it be any good? What a great question and how appropriate it is today. Today, when it seems everywhere you turn someone's got their hand in your pocket. Some of the best things in life are free: a smile, a helping hand, letting someone in line when the road's crowded. Torreys, the new operating system for DirectStream DACs, has been released and is ready to help elevate the level of music in your home. For free. DAC wizard Ted Smith has stayed up late at night writing code and here's what Torreys does for you.
  • Roon Ready (with Bridge II installed)
  • Better low level linearity at low volume levels
  • Improved gapless DSD support
  • Improved sigma delta modulators
  • Improved HF noise performance
  • Reduced clock noise
  • Reduced jitter
  • Blacker backgrounds
  • More stable sound stage with more air around the performers
  • Better PRaT
  • Improved Red Book performance
Have fun. Torreys for DirectStream Junior's up next. And yes, it too is free.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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