We're all magicians

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Before I get started telling you about magic let me clarify something I wrote that confuses people.

With the new Torreys operating system installed the DACs are Roon ready–the Bridge is not. And it takes two to tango. We're likely a few weeks away from the masters at Roon to give us the thumbs up to release new Bridge code that completes the chain.

On to magic.

Don't you just adore magicians? You know they're tricking you yet it's such a pleasure you want more. My son Scott is good at magic and even though I know how the trick is done, I always love to watch him bend a knife, vanish a coin, pull something out of thin air.

When most non-audiophile people hear a decently put together sound system they think it's magic–and they often say so. It's magic because it's so far removed from anything they've ever experienced in their homes.

So, the next time you're stressing over the latest cable or struggling to squeeze out the nth degree of imaging from your system, just remember how far away from other people's day-to-day experience you've come.

We're all magicians when we build sound systems worthy of dropping the average jaw.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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