How can they be so different?

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How can they be so different?

Reflecting back on this year's Axpona show I find myself scratching my head about the sound of some rooms.

The few times I was able to extract myself from our busy room, I would move from door to door to see how other systems sound: a million dollars system here, a wild looking setup there, a small and inviting room here.

What struck me as odd was how different the rooms sounded. Not just room differences but huge tonal differences where some hardly sounded like music at all. One room with very expensive amplification equipment—equipment I am familiar with and trust—sounded as if someone had forgotten to connect the woofers in that speaker.

Each day I would wander into the room to hear if it was only an anomaly, and each day I would leave scratching my head. 

What was truly odd were the number of people clearly enjoying the sound.

It reminds me that what I might think of as correct can be so far removed from what others think that passing judgment is a disservice to me and to them.

What can I conclude?

That system is not for me.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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