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Audio recipes

What's the old saying? "There's no accounting for personal taste."

True enough. Terri and I worked hard on a Tikka Masala recipe we found online. We followed each and every one of the many steps before serving it up. The taste was...meh. Our local restaurant's version just blew it away.

Truth is, we had no idea of how it was supposed to taste. For all we knew, it came out exactly as expected.

Which is why I am bringing this subject to your attention. Audio recipes are similar.

I have seen some crazy recipes for setting up stereo systems.

Take for example placing left and right speakers on the sidewalls of the room and pointing them directly at your ears: one on the far right sidewall, the other opposite it.

While this crazy scheme has some merit (if you're bored, give it a try), it's not my cup of tea.

Just because something is a written recipe—and you follow it precisely—doesn't validate its net worth.

Probably good to remember there are recipes for disasters as well. :)

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