Hobby or lifeline?

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Hobby or lifeline?

For some, building a reference audio system is a hobby. For others, their life's blood.

Which is it for you?

When I ask this question of people I often sense a defensive reaction as if one envokes less passion or commitment than the other.

I am not sure we need to make that distinction.

Sure, the two terms are different: a hobby is considered optional while a lifeline is essential. Yet, I don't see that difference when it comes to levels of intensity or commitment between the two. We can be just as passionate and intense with our hobbies as we are with our lifelines.

This might seem like a silly distinction but I think it speaks to the heart of what we're all invested in, wringing emotion out of music.

We squeeze every ounce of performance out of music trapped in recorded medium and I don't think hobbyists squeeze and less than lifeliners.

Perhaps the difference between hobbies and lifelines is more semantic than real.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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