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In yesterday's post, I mentioned a term many are unfamiliar with. Hi-fi furniture. Don't feel bad. I made that term up, but not out of thin air.

I have often wondered why no one is making high-end audio furniture. Sure, I've seen the cool stuff with built-in turntables, retro systems, a few tubes, even a speaker built in. But nothing I have run across comes close to what's in my head.

I am imaging an ultra cool credenza for the living room that serves as its intended funtion—storing stuff—but doubles as a high-end audio product. Buried cleverly inside are full range loudspeakers, power amplifiers, servo woofer systems, and a server—probably a turntable for those so inclined.

Instead of imposing towers of sound the spouse hates, imagine an actual piece of furniture that not only lights the room up with music but sounds great at the same time! How cool would that be?

Over the next few months, maybe years, I plan on putting a prototype together to see if it's even feasible.

Here's the thing. I would want one if it worked the way I am imagining.

And Terri would too. How often can you say that about a potential hi-fi purchase?

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