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I've always heard about these great stock deal where people get insider info and buy cheap. Well, here's one you can get and it's not even illegal. We will officially launch Sprout, the little integrated amplifier I've written about, on Monday and I am giving only Paul's Post readers notice and the opportunity to buy it cheap. We're going to give just 100 people a chance to buy Sprout at half off the retail price on Monday and I announcing this only to my readers. I am hoping most of you will be the ones taking advantage of this. I am giving you heads up today and I'll post the actual link in Monday's Paul's post about 7am Mountain standard time, Monday morning. This will give my readers first crack at Sprout at 50% off before we tell the rest of the world. There are only 100 at this price. We are launching this through a new vehicle for us, Kickstarter, which is a crowd funding resource. It's new to us but very exciting. if you get in as one of the first 100, you'll also get it signed by Scott and get one of the first 100 in September. We'll let the rest of the world know at noon that same day. If you're new to my Post series and don't yet know what Sprout is, you can go to our forums by clicking here and read what we've released so far, This is exciting!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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