Dusting the treasures off

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"It felt a little odd to us to load a CD again but once the tray closed".... This is part of a new review just published on 6 Moons by Henk and Marja on DirectStream. You can read the entire review here. That they rediscovered the joys of playing a CD and rediscovered the wealth of music sitting on their shelves after DirectStream came into their lives, is certainly gratifying to me personally. It's been our mantra to rediscover the treasures you have ever since we launched DirectStream. But I do find it fascinating how many among us have moved away from playing and enjoying good old CDs. And I am not referring to the actual silvery discs themselves. I play most of my CDs on my little home made server. What I refer to is reminding us just how much wonderful music is on our CD collections. High rez is great, but with a proper DAC your entire CD collection is worth more than you might imagine. Did we move away because our DACs weren't up to the task, being lured away by the Siren's song of high rez audio as a means of getting the sound we wanted? I don't have a good answer to that, but I have my suspicions. My thanks to Marja and Henk for a very insightful review.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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