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While reading through the comments section of this blog I stopped at one standout.

"I prefer the sound of speakers from across the pond."

Generalities. We tend to group our opinions into neat little boxes: British speakers are bass deficient, American speakers are big and brash, silver conductors are brighter than copper, tubes are warmer than solid-state.

The good news with generalities is that it offers us a quick way to sort through the myriad of choices.

That's also the bad news.

Whenever possible, I find it more helpful to narrow my generalizations around smaller proven segments that allow greater latitude for technological variances: people, companies, and philosophies. I can more easily trust how someone I am familiar with will respond or act and the same is true for companies and philosophies: A design from PS Audio's Darren Myers or Chris Brunhaver will most assuredly sound great; A new product from Apple will look and feel like an Apple product; It's unlikely a Buddhist monk will be starting a drunken brawl.

The trick with generalities is honing and polishing them such that they don't limit but instead assure.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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