DeoxIT or Zinfandel

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DeoxIT or Zinfandel

"DeoxIT or Zinfandel - the struggle is real" -- Sameer Verma c. 2021

When reader Sameer sent me a note about his struggles with upgrading and tweaking vs. simply sitting and listening I laughed out loud.

Clean your connectors or sip a glass of fine wine and enjoy the music?

What happens when we think everything in the system is perfect enough to relax and enjoy only to discover yet another flaw? For some, it's easy enough to let small deficiencies go and just start their feet tapping to the music. For others, it might be impossible to relax knowing it could be better.

For me, I have to consciously recognize the faults I am listening through and determine to ignore them in order to relax. It's sometimes hard.

The best moments are when we let it all go and just enjoy the bounty of what we have.

Tomorrow's soon enough to tweak.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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