Patience and persistence

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Patience and persistence
Patience is a virtue but it's persistence that pays off. Thus starts a note from Chuck Chylinski from Omaha. He writes:
I just wanted drop you a note of thanks to you for the writing the Audiophiles Guide and the accompanying set up CD. I spent quite a bit of time reading through the set procedure more than once but became frustrated when I wasn’t getting the results I had expected until my patience and persistence paid off. After I determined proper distance from the “front wall” I was originally somewhat reluctant move my speakers closer together because I thought my room width wouldn't allow it and I thought I’d lose the soundstage and have too much of a center image. But I took your advice and moved the speakers toward the center and then incrementally moved them only an inch at a time back out, and then all of a sudden I hit that sweet spot and suddenly everything came together, deeper soundstage, more articulate midrange, fuller midbass, smoother treble, even bass response, and an absolute overall balance to all frequencies that I had not experienced before. I was noticing and hearing sounds so much deeper into the music that after I marked my speaker location I couldn’t stop listing to other familiar music just to experience the new sound revealed.
What's heartwarming about this story is how Chuck braved up and fought back against that little nagging voice we all have in the back of our heads telling us, "no, no, no." Venturing into the unknown can be frightening for us all, but often worth it when we triumph.
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