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In a recent post I mentioned I am, for some (unknown to me) reason, getting a bit fancy in my old age. Which is kind of weird because traditionally I am that guy that would wear my jeans for a year if someone didn't notice. And my shoes...I replace them when there are holes in them. I don't think anyone's ever described me as fashionable or fancy.

Thank goodness.

Which brings me to the gist of this post. How does one decide how fancy they want/need their front panels?

I get that when we launched DirectStream we were Jonesing to show off our innovative (at the time) network access. And it was wicked cool that we were able to display cover art right on the front screen of the DAC. It was also amazing (and still is) that we can display through our touch screen panels a distortion analyzer on our Power Plants.

I also get the idea of eye candy/bling. Some of our fellow manufacturers have spent time and money on jazzing up their front panels's cool. I too am attracted to that.

I am just wondering as a community, where we think we should be going. Simpler?

Back to basics?

Or move toward the futuristic snazzy bling toys we all kind of admire.

Just curious what your thoughts are.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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