Vegan leather

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Vegan leather
I recently updated my travel kit to handle the great number of power supplies, cables, and accessories I find myself lugging about. This time I decided to also upgrade the look and feel of my travel kit, from my standard of simple black canvas to something fancy (I have no idea why). Sorting through the myriad of choices was no small task. Seems everybody and their brother has a travel briefcase available. Few met my criteria of being able to organize cables, microphones, and all the hazarai I seem to need. And, my search was really narrowed because, as a vegetarian, I really don't want to lug around skin from a cow (I think it's called leather :) ). Then it occurred to me. My car's seats are made from Vegan Leather. Now, I had a clear direction. Vegan leather is more often than not made from polyurethane, an organic polymer that is made from alcohol and toluene (which typically comes from petroleum) but can also be made from sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, and other fruit waste. Cool. No animals were harmed and if I could find the right manufacturer, I wouldn't be contributing to the planet's carbon load. I bring this to your attention simply because I have spent the entire day looking to find just the right bag, material, and company. (I wound up with a product from a Candian company, Monos. While not completely sustainable at least they are trying) This quest isn't a whole lot different than my obsession with uncovering how capacitors and resistors are made and how they sound. If we're passionate about something it pays to take a closer look.
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Paul McGowan

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