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All creatures telegraph to the world their emotional states. To express happiness a dog wags her tail, a cat purrs, we humans bare our teeth.

Whenever someone new has a chance to spend time in our listening rooms to hear the aspen loudspeakers for the first time, I carefully observe their physical signals that tell me how they are connecting (or not connecting with) the music.

When everything's working the cheeks rise up like pillows below the eyes. Then, the whites of teeth show. But what happens next seems to be inevitable: the closing of the eyes, the tapping of the foot.

Almost no other event I have witnessed follows this pattern except music—music delivered so effortlessly that we put down our guard, close our eyes, keep pace with our foot, and mentally travel to another place.

I believe it is this very special moment that many of us are searching for. And when we find it, there's true bliss.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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