Trade offs

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Trade offs

I cannot think of much in our quest for audio nirvana that doesn't involve compromise—or the more acceptable term, trade offs (Compromise feels like we're giving up something while trade offs seems to imply we're trading a lesser thing for something better. Same thing perhaps but a better sounding term).

Whatever we want to call it, it doesn't always have to be about trading one set of performance values for another. No, sometimes we're trading disparate items, like more money than we're comfortable with in order to raise the performance level. A lighter wallet in exchange for better sound.

Other times we're actually trading performance qualities in the hopes of an overall benefit. A good example of that might be a new cable that offers much better bottom end but at the expense of a slight top end roll off. 

Trade offs are an everyday event: spending more time with a good book than going to the gym nourishes the mind yet starves the body.

The trick with trade offs is finding the right balance.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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