Enjoying the icing too

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Enjoying the icing too

We're always hopeful of a bite of cake and, if we're lucky, we get the icing too.

Saturday night, Terri, Jessica, and I were eating both cake and icing. 

For more than two years we've been wrangling for a chance at recording in pure DSD one of (if not THE) world's best classical guitarist, Ana Vidovic. In an auditorium packed with people—some having traveled thousands of miles to see her that evening—we got our chance to capture her live performance for Octave Records, and what a treat!

If you're unfamiliar with Ana, join the 44 million people who have viewed her work on YouTube by clicking here.

When will we be able to release this incredible work captured for the first time ever in DSD256? Probably as summer approaches, so hang in there.

I can tell you that this will be one exceptional Octave Records release you won't want to miss.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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