en Garde!

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en Garde!

An alley cat, caught off-guard by a rattling trash can, propels itself up in the air, claws and fangs at their ready.

A driver cuts you off in traffic and your middle finger itches to be seen in that jerk's rearview mirror.

When we feel challenged or threatened, it's not uncommon to see the written equivalent of the middle finger displayed in our comments section or on forum posts by unhappy or angry people.

The good news is that as a group, we're passion enough to get emotionally engaged.

The bad news is pretty obvious—a lot of hurt feelings or worse, an escalation of emotions.

Perhaps when you're challenged, it makes sense to take a deep breath, or try counting to 10, before putting fingers to keys on your smartphone or computer.

Today is the US version of Independence Day. Fireworks, watermelon, hot dogs, and family.

We are an independent lot, us audiophiles, but, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we're also a community.

Respect, dignity, and kindness are qualities we all can benefit from.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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