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You know the old saying if at first you don't succeed…well, it's a good one when it comes to the upgrade process. As audiophiles, we like to occasionally upgrade our equipment. Some of us more than others. (By the way, the second batch of Audiophile hats are in and start shipping today!) We read the reviews, we talk it through with our friends, we ask questions on the forums, and then we take the plunge, hoping for improved performance. Often we win, but sometimes the results aren't as expected. Then what? The natural tendency of dealing with missed expectations is to go back to square one. Roll over in defeat. Bad choice. You'll do better next time. But, is that the right thing to do? I think not. It's instructive to note that systems are like people: complex organisms. As such, we should remember that there are very few black and white choices—but lots of gray. In any multipart arrangement, it is the synergy between components and their interconnection that play a major roles in the final outcome. If we insert a new DAC, for example, and it doesn't live up to our expectations, have we tried other cables? Different speaker placement? Or, did we simply roll over and throw our hands up in the air? I've mentioned this before and I'll likely mention it again, and again. Your system is the result of a series of choices based on past circumstances. As soon as those circumstances change, so too must the basic choices if you're to get a fair evaluation of a new product. I've put together a new video on the subject you can watch here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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