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Audiophile Cap

Show the world you're an audiophile and music lover

It’s time to stand proud with the rest of us. You’re an audiophile like we are. Now, let’s share our passion for great sound and music by proudly wearing this high-end hand-crafted baseball cap. Manufactured by the leading manufacturer of high-end apparel, Legacy Athletic of Hanover, PA., this hat fits every head and comes preformed and ready to wear. Made of the finest relaxed twill cotton, and assembled from 6 individual cloth panels, the dark Navy blue supports the white embroidery on the front and back. A high-end hat for high-end people, like you.

Audiophile Cap

Product Description

Proud to be an audiophile? We are and want the world to know it. To help spread the word about high-end audio and all that it entails, we commissioned one of the finest hat makers in the world, Legacy Athletic of Hanover, PA., to design and manufacture a cap worthy of high-end audio. This audiophile baseball cap is made from the finest relaxed twill cotton. Embroidered on front and back, this high-quality apparel will show your true colors and let the world know you’re an audiophile.

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