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It's good when we can cheat death, but not so much if we cheat on our diets or cut ourselves permanently short when it comes to getting what's best from our sound systems.

When we're in the middle of set up, short cuts, Band-Aids, and slapped together fixes are all valid temporary solutions. Once we've settled on the final system it's time to clean up those fixes and set things permanently right.

I remember the times I've had at the ready what seems like a bushel basket jumble of cables, tuning devices, absorbers, diffusers, and acoustic pillows as I selectively try this and that for best sound.

And then between all the cheats and experiments, you hit what sounds like Nirvana. Bingo. You're there.

Time to clean up, make permanent what you experimented with, and call it good.

Hopefully great.

The cheats and shortcuts we employ are exactly what we need to get it dialed in.

Then it's time to put them in the closet for the next adventure.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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