Inspiring confidence

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Inspiring confidence
I don't believe it comes as a surprise that at my core I am an engineering nerd. My internal fires light up when we start talking engineering-speak. One of the real downsides to CoViD has been our separation. Before the pandemic, our engineering group was together and right outside my office door. When an interesting discussion would start my ears perked up and I joined into the fray—the classic water cooler conversation. That doesn't happen much anymore. So I was heartened when on our PS Audio forums, I read a long technical ramble from our speaker guru, Chris Brunhaver. Chris knows more about the technical aspects of loudspeakers than any human I have ever over the last 50 years. When we get talking tech, his depth of knowledge is so great it's actually sport to egg him on into a drill-down just to see how deep he can go. If you are like me and enjoy getting deep into the technical nuts and bolts, head here and click on this link. The whole conversation started in response to one of Steve Guttenberg's questions about loudspeaker efficiency with one of the Zu Audio fellows.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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