Burning elephants

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First, an announcement. For those of you who own a DirectStream Junior, I just posted the Torreys Beta version to test here. You can follow the discussions if you like. Once this gets approved and then voiced, any PS DAC with Bridge II installed will be Roon Ready. Woo Hoo! For those of you that enjoyed the wonderful One SACD/CD we produced to show folks just how great a CD can sound, as well to help musicians fund their efforts we all rely upon, here's a bit of news from one of the featured bands. And it's not good news. Elephant Revival, the great Nederlands Colorado based band that leads off the CD had their tour bus burst into flames while they were sleeping. They lost everything. All their instruments, their personal possessions—everything they had not entrusted to the trailer for fear they might lose it. It's a real tragedy, but fortunately none of the band members were injured. There's a special fund set up here. Enough generous people have already donated to cover their basic needs, but priceless instruments and personal possessions will take much more to replace. Just one of the hazards of being a musician on the road. We've still got a few hundred SACD/CD packages remaining and if you want to help, you can purchase one if you haven't already. Not only will you get great music and sound that's amazing, but you'll help fund the musicians that participated—the majority of the purchase price goes to them. We're not making money on this release—quite the opposite actually—but we are helping great music, mastering and recording into the world. Thanks.
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