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One - the Music Project

Sonoma Master Series SACD, high res DVD

Built in Boulder

Finally, after nearly a year in the works, the limited edition PS Audio Sonoma Master Series release is shipping. A project to help musicians and further the state of the art in musical reproduction, this collection of pure DSD recorded music is nothing short of stunning, both musically and sonically. Hand mastered and curated by Gus Skinas, each of the 10 tracks is a sonic masterpiece you have to have in your collection. This two-disc set includes a dual-layer SACD with pure DSD as well as a uniquely mastered CD layer, playable in any CD transport (more on this in the further description), and a DVD data disc with high resolution 176kHz 24 PCM as well as DSD. Also included is a beautiful 20 page color booklet. A true collector’s item. Get one in your hands before they’re gone. Ships worldwide.

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One – Sonoma Master Series

Product Description

Each of these recordings was masterfully crafted for you by our dedicated group of musicians, recording studios, and hand mastered by Gus Skinas.

Got mine last night. I had hoped for the best and braced for ho hum but was really surprised. BETTER than expected. Amazing sound quality as expected and the content is thoroughly enjoyable. I’ll be buying everything they release.

Elephant Revival – Quill Pen Feather
Janet Feder – No Apology
David Elias – Her Name Is A
Ron Miles & Bill Frisell – Darken My Door
David Darling & Jacqueline Tschabold Bhuyan – Mirage for Debussy
Lara Ruggles – Snowflake
Otis Taylor – They Wore Blue
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa – Fead An Iolar (Eagle’s Whistle)
Fiona Joy – Ceremony
Reed Foehl – Fly


Each recording captures a unique performance from some of the world’s finest musicians, featuring Elephant Revival, a Colorado band, as well as Ron Miles, Bill FrisellLara Ruggles, among others.

Every great recording begins with a great performance. That’s why each of our once-in-a-lifetime performances was recorded with the idea of creating the best sound in terms of accuracy, spatial immersion, soundstage depth and width, harmonic richness and limitless frequency extremes, by featured producers Steven Vidaic and Mike Yach of Immersive Records in Boulder, CO and Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records in San Francisco, CA.

World-renowned mastering engineer Gus Skinas personally mastered each and every format of our recordings on the Sonoma DSD Workstation at the Super Audio Center – ensuring your seat at the performance is front row center. Tracks and artists were all curated by Gus Skinas and Paul McGowan in PS Audio’s Music Room One, featuring the Infinity IRSV loudspeakers, BHK Signature amplification and DirectStream D to A converter.

This is one recording you don’t want to be without. Each track is a sonic treasure that you’ll not only enjoy musically, but a real jaw-dropper on your system.

There’s a sad reality in today’s music scene. The number of quality recordings is rapidly diminishing – and being replaced by cookie cutter production studios interested more in loud than what we in high-end audio value most: great sound and performances.

The ONE Music project found its roots in the idea of reversing this trend and giving more back to those that created quality music and recordings, than to those that marketed and distributed them. The project was founded by a consortium of concerned music lovers that include mastering engineer Gus Skinas, PS Audio CEO Paul McGowan, Steven Vidaic and Mike Yach of Immersive Records, ASI President Sean McGowan, and the entire staff of PS Audio with the kind support of many others as committed as we are to the goal of preserving the recording arts and building a financially sound platform where musicians come first.

After all, without quality music and recordings, those among us that love listening to music in our homes would have little to enjoy. Help us support quality recordings and heartfelt music.

By purchasing these discs, either through download or taking home the beautiful two-disc set, you are helping musicians, high-end recording studios and mastering facilities survive. Based on the success of this first release, PS Audio and ASI will continue to invest in future musical collaborations that we trust will delight your senses and become a treasured addition to your beloved music collection.

  • Austrian gold pressed dual-layer SACD
  • DVD data disc with high resolution PCM and pure single rate DSD for copying to your computer
  • PCM 176kHz 24 bit
  • 20 page full color booklet
  • Pure DSD mastered by Gus Skinas on the Sonoma mastering system
  • No compression in the mastering process
  • CD layer of SACD playable on any CD player
  • CD layer PROMastered by Gus Skinas to sound nearly as good as the high res version
  • Mastering monitored through the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
  • All tracks hand curated on the Infinity IRSV in PS Audio’s Music Room One
  • Majority of revenue goes to the musicians and recording facilities
  • Helps keep high quality music and recordings alive and well
  • Limited edition, available until supplies are gone
  • Check out ASI the non-profit


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