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In yesterday's post I mentioned the trend of Audiophiles wanting complete packages delivered to their doors that provide a wonderful listening experience. A pre-packaged approach.

I was imagining just the opposite this morning.

How cool would it be for those of us old dogs that like to assemble our own unique systems if a manufacturer like PS were to build a product that was an empty frame? Kind of like the way you order a computer. You choose the features and bells and whistles you want - asmorgasbordof audio features.

Want a central power supply? Fine. Want a separate supply for each section? No problem. Want streaming audio or just a DAC? Output stage can be ordered with tubes, FETS, bipolars, or magnetics. Choose your connectors - the ultra expensive WBT's or the less expensive Chinese knock offs?

For many this would be a real turn off. For some it would be a gift from heaven.

Cool to dream a little once in a while.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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