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In my travels I am seeing a shift from "hi-fi assemblers and tweaks" to the "gimme it all finished" mentality.

In the not too distant past the trend was for Audiophiles to read the reviews, discuss with their friends and then assemble the best group of disparate equipment together to build a unique system capable of bringing music to life in their listening rooms.

What was cool about these systems is their uniqueness. Each person had his or her own combination of kit that was different than everyone else's and that was part of the fun of it.

Today I hear fewer people speaking of this and more who want companies to simply provide finished solutions that provide the same listening experience without having to make any decisions on cables, speakers, amps, preamps etc.

I actually think this is a good trend and one I support.

Tomorrow something for those of you still in the old camp.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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