Audio sensitivities

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Audio sensitivities
Even as a kid I never bought the premise behind Hans Christian Anderson's story, The Princess, and the Pea. Just a bit too far fetched for my young engineering brain to believe that anyone could feel a pea under multiple mattresses. Fairy tales aside, it is a fact that we are all different when it comes to our audio sensitivities. I might be more sensitive than many to sound staging while someone else really focuses on tonality. We make choices in equipment and set up based on those differing sensitivities: cables that bring out more details, tubes that warm and soften, subwoofers that build a solid foundation. Our systems are all different, just like our tastes and sensitivities. Few of us could likely tell if there were a pea under the cushion of our listening chair, but if our system's sound is even slightly amiss we know it instantly.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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