Viennese cello ensemble 5 + 1

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Viennese cello ensemble 5 + 1
I am grateful for my reader's suggestions of what to listen to and watch. Those recommendations vary from lighthearted to deathly serious and everything in between. Thank you. Once in a while I am presented with a true treasure, as when my friend Alon Sagee insisted I watch a rendition of Maurice Ravel's classic, Bolero as played on the cello. I found myself gobsmacked. Go here and watch one of the more amazing feats of musical innovations. Truly, these five Viennese men + one woman cellists, collectively known as the Viennese Cello Ensemble 5 + 1 are extraordinary. Imagine how much practice time it must have taken to pull this off with such precision and flair.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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