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This may seem obvious to some, but a surprising help to others. Personal space enhancement. If you have a dedicated listening environment it helps to optimize it for best sound. Improvements as simple as turning down the lights, getting a low back chair that doesn't interfere with the rear room reflections, marking your sweet spot in case furniture gets moved, placing a painting or art object dead center on the room's rear wall at just the right height for a person (helps us lock in the center image) are but a few examples. I remember the first time someone showed me how much better the sound system was with the lights turned low. The very next weekend I installed dimmers in my room to make sure I could have the same improvement. Note: if you want to do this make sure you get the quiet dimmer types. They'll cost you more but won't have the same deleterious effect on the system as the cheap noisy ones do. Taking the time to improve the listening environment, in ways that go beyond equipment and room treatment, can be a huge help and one that's easy and cheap.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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