Keeping it on the tracks

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I just love all the old railroad sayings we use:
  • Get it back on track
  • Picking up a head of steam
  • Our project is off track
  • We're on track
  • Running out of steam
  • Just the ticket
  • Railroaded into something
  • Fast track it
  • Make the grade
  • Don't get sidetracked
  • You're just blowin' smoke
  • Tunnel vision
But perhaps my favorite is the One Track Mind. How many of us suffer from the one track mind syndrome when it comes to audio?
  • I only listen to tubes
  • If it can't be measured it doesn't exist
  • If I can hear it, it must be right
  • DSD sounds soft
  • Analog is better than digital
We're all better off when we stop believing we're living on the wrong side of the tracks when our cherished belief systems are challenged. Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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