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In the "good old days" bands made a record, the record company publicized it by getting radio stations to play it and if it was popular, both parties made money.

That model no longer works, as evidenced by the ruined music industry. Blame is placed on the internet for allowing what used to cost money to be freely shared without payment.

But wait. Sharing gets music and musicians known to people who want their music. There's no better means of getting your music heard than viral sharing of that music for free. So the very seeds of destruction are also the seeds of success if we can become comfortable with the new model.

Now that we have 1/2 of the equation figured out, the remaining challenge is how musicians can monetize their new found channels of communication.

Tomorrow's musicians may not be driving Rolls Royce automobiles, but I bet there's a way they can make a good living playing music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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