Meeting expectations

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We're delighted when our expectations are exceeded and disappointed when they are not. A few years ago my wife Terri bought one of the new 3 series BMW's. Her expectations were exceeded when they brought the car into the main showroom, spent an hour going over every detail and sent her on her way with a full tank of gas and a smile. She's a convert to the brand. This year I bought a new VW Tiguan. My expectations weren't met when they simply handed me the keys, told me to be sure and get some gas before it ran out and thanks for the sale. I won't do that again. When you commit to a pair of high-end and expensive loudspeakers, your expectations are high that once in your home, you'll reach audio nirvana. You may never get there if you have to set them up yourself. If you buy a pair of Wilson Audio loudspeakers, the dealer is required to set them up in your home. He's been trained by the factory to make sure you get the Wilson experience. It's a service that makes customers ecstatic and loyal to the brand because your expectations are exceeded. What's your hifi dealer doing for you when you purchase from him?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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